InnerChange, Los Angeles

Our relationship with InnerChange began back when their Los Angeles team was still known as Comunidad Cambria, in the MacArthur Park area. One summer internship, one alley mural painting project– and we have followed their work ever since. As a church located in the city, we believe that we should support those who work to serve our neighbors. InnerChange is one such ministry.

L’Abri Fellowship, Huemoz, Switzerland

Francis Schaeffer is our tie to L’Abri. The man, his books and lectures profoundly influenced our pastor, and our view of things. His compassion for young people with real, searching questions endures as an example for us to follow. In the Swiss town of Huemoz, the ministry he founded with his wife, Edith, continues.

Mars Hill Audio Journal

Some years back, Erin Gieschen gave us an audiotape from this journal called Mars Hill. We have since stocked our church library with all the journal issues and many of their other works. Everyone is enjoined to think on Ken Myers’ invaluable examination of the many trends in the culture that surrounds us.

Ransom Fellowship

When the Schreiners attended a L’Abri conference in Rochester, Minnesota, they met Denis and Margie Haack. Soon after, we invited the Haacks for a weekend seminar here at the church. It was both refreshing and edifying. It made sense for us to support the work they do at Ransom Fellowship. Their newsletter Critique is always a ready resource for discussions. Yes, Denis, we are in Babylon.